I approach dancemaking as a (radical) act of synthesis. With each new work, I invest in the intersections found between seemingly disparate ideas. Through choreographic research, I work towards distilling and refining perceived incongruence into concentrated, tacit, conceptual solutions.


Working in the studio, on stage, online, outdoors, or in a fabrication lab, I develop and employ collaborative, embodied methodologies. I subscribe to the principle that simplicity reveals interlaying complexity, and vice versa. I find myself paring away, streamlining, and removing the superfluous. The resulting experience is a space engaged by clearly designed, sensuous materials: bodies meeting light, sound, objects and other bodies.



The human body, or a body of human bodies, is the acting agent for process and product. Bodies analyze, connect, and transform ideas into dances that simultaneously reach out to the viewer while the viewer reaches in. At this point, bodies are meeting bodies via the dance, and new ideas are born.