11:30 minute work for 3 movers/vocalists

Created and installed by +++
Costume Design by Gwendolyn Quitberg in collaboration with BJP

Made possible through support by the Sweetwater Board of Cooperative Educational Services

Visible Sketch (11:30) is an interactive media/dance performance for three movers/vocalists. We use sketches to describe each major performance of the piece, referring to an iterative creative process that resists perfectionist temptations. Furthermore, we use language convention of software versioning to point to its continued trans- formation throughout the development of this multi-disciplinary work.

In their joint statement about Visible Sketch v.3, David Dorfman, Virginia Johnson and Tiffany Mills called the work “an imaginistic evocation of a unique world inhabited by committed mover/vocalists whose transformative journey visits a series of evolutionary states.” The artistic team builds these states around the poetic phenomenon of visibility. In this vein, Visible Sketch v.5 explores a dynamic concealing/revealing in contexts of multiple relationships: individual and ensemble, body and self, open and closed, part and whole, qualities and quantities, knowing and naiveté.

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